Steps to a Healthier Family #2

Last week we left off with one full week of small changes for you and your family. As the weeks progress, keep those changes going! Here is a small recap:

  • Each day swap one processed food for an unprocessed option.
  • Get in at least one Tabata set each day.
  • Get the entire family outside and moving.

By week two, you should be making a conscious effort to think about the foods you are eating. You should also be craving some of those nasty foods you gave up last week. This is normal and will go away and your body will begin to crave whole foods. Give it some time, processed foods are as addictive as some drugs.

I am hoping that you are starting to try some new foods with your kids (and trying some new for yourself) and again giving them some time. My daughter has had a veggie on her plate at almost every lunch and dinner since she was 6 months old and she is just now really starting to eat some of them (she is almost 2). However, we still put them on her plate. Every. single. day.

Going further, a little more work may take place but keep in mind how important this is to your health and your kids’ health. There are so many changes going on inside of you for the better, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t see it on the outside yet!

WEEK #2:

Monday: Do your Tabata in the morning, try getting in another one before bed. Get each member of your family a nice water bottle. Fill them up before you all leave the house and take them with you each day! Hydration is key in health! Many kids do not get enough water through out the day. I suggest drinking half your body weight in ounces per day (120 lb person would drink 60 ounces).  Side note: Tea, coffee, and soda do not count toward your daily ounces! If you need some flavor, try squeezing fruit into your water.

Tuesday: Tabata, Water, Tabata. And today, focus on making something from scratch that you would normally buy pre-made. Maybe biscuits, bread, or cereal (I put some recipes at the bottom of this post). Avoid all those nasty preservatives and chemicals by making items at home from scratch! Use high quality, whole ingredients.

Wednesday: Make a snack area/drawer/shelf in your fridge and pantry. This is a place where you and the kids can grab a quick, ready made snack. For me, I have a drawer in my fridge with: Siggis Yogurt, baggies with cut up veggies, cheese sticks, olives, homemade jerky, and homemade granola bites.  Our pantry also has a snack shelf. This makes healthy options easy! I usually prepare these snacks when I get home from the grocery store so we are set for the week.

Thursday: Kids wanting sugar? Instead of giving in, try giving them some fruit. Or for yourself, eat some fruit to kick those sugar cravings. One or two pieces of fruit each day will help ease off refined sugar and into natural options. So today: Tabata, water, fruit, home cooking, tabata.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: I am combining  these days so you can work on your health all weekend long! For these days, Go grocery shopping. If you take the kids, explain to them all the good nutrients in the food you are buying. Also, explain to them why some foods are no longer in your cart. Let them help you read the labels! Give your kids one bad ingredients to watch for on the label (sugar, syrups, msg, yeast extract, etc.) let them be the detectives. If they pick a food and their ingredient is on it, put it back. This will become a fun game (hopefully) and inspire your kids to learn about what is in their food!

Also on this weekend, try going a full day with no processed foods. This will get your closer to making it your lifestyle! Make everything from scratch, include veggies at meals, pick a protein for each meal, and include healthy fats. You will have a great healthy meal in no time!

On the weekends, be sure you are still using those water bottles! And, keep moving! Tabatas, walk, run, play tag, hike, work in the yard, Whatever you like!

Keep making changes for yourself and your family! Eating right will ultimately keep you healthy and keep you out of the wicked cycle of mood swings, cravings, weight gain, and low energy.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


Bread: 3.5 cups flour (I use an unenriched, unbleached, whole grain white flour), 1/4 tsp. yeast, 1 cup warm water, salt to taste.

mix warm water and yeast together, let sit for 5-10 minutes. Add flour and salt. Mix into a smooth ball. Place in a pan that has a lid! I use a baking dish. Cover with towel (not the pan lid) and place in a warm area for 12-24 hours. Now you can either bake at 500 for 25 minutes covered (remove lid for last 5 to brown). OR you can punch down the dough, shape into a another ball carefully and place back in pan to rise for another 2-4 hours. Cook the same way.



Banana bread

Staples to have in your fridge: ground flax seed, chia seeds, lots of veggies, fruit, peanut or almond butter (check labels and buy one without sugar), whole oats, good flour, Real honey, healthy oils, Meats (whole muscle, not lunch meat), Yogurt (I like siggis), Ezekiel bread, eggs.


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