Steps to Healthy Family #4: Let Grandma Come to Town

This past week, my mom came to visit. We took a trip to Dallas for the American Rodeo and spent the week at our house riding the horses, coloring, playing stickers, and doing anything else our daughter insisted of Grandma. She has Grandma wrapped around her finger. It didn’t take but two minutes of my mom begin off the plane before Raelyn realized Grandmas are the best thing ever.

Before having a child I had nightmares of my Husband and I’s moms feeding our baby chocolate for breakfast and cookies for dinner. I made it clear to everyone that they were not going to do that with our baby. I had it all figured out, until I actually had our baby.

I am learning that sometimes a girl just needs a cookie with Grandma, even if it is right before dinner. There has to be a give and take, a balance. And this goes for everything. I strive to keep my families meals as healthy and whole as possible. I put effort into making sure we have the healthiest options available, avoid a lot of processed foods (and more each day), and cook from scratch. But, sometimes Grandma comes to town and the giggles and winks take over. The cookies come out and I get to take a step back. Let my daughter make memories with Grandma and let go of control for just a bit.

I know that so many of my memories involve my Grandma and cooking. Cooking in her kitchen with my cousin on our easy bake oven, making cookies with her, jam, pickles, cooking at hunting camp, preparing dinner at holidays, and eating a lot of ice cream. I learned a lot of cooking skills while sitting on her counter watching her bake. And those skills are what enable me to make healthy meals for my family today. My Grandma made everything from scratch, had a great garden, harvested her own meat, picked her own berries, and was the ice cream mans best customer. Balance.

So, let Grandma come to town. Let your kids make memories and giggle over a Grandma sized bowl of ice cream. There is no sense in stressing over it, Grandmas do whatever Grandmas want. They must earn that right when their grand babies are born.

Having a healthy family is about having a balance. Doing your best each day and learning together along the way.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



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  1. I was exactly the same with my kids. But then, what’s wrong with a little treat every once in a while? Especially if they don’t get to see grandma evverytime! I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂 Monica x


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