Our food industry sucks 

90% is a big number. So why is our food industry not changing? Why are we still feeding/creating childhood obesity? Why are still battling fatigue and cancer? Diabetes and arthritis? 

It amazes me that we are controlled by an industry that is slowly making us sick and no one bats an eye. We are customers of the food industry from birth and they literally just set us up to be customers of their best bud, the pharmecutical industry. We eat chemicals banned in other countries, we feed our kids mood altering dyes and addictive additives. we have seen HUGE links in disease and our food and yet we still keep eating it. Why? 

Junk food advertising is a 1.6 billion dollar  (annually) industry in its self. Targeting us with claims that make no sense. Making us believe lucky charms are healthy and gummies have vitamins. 

The food industry has made it nearly impossible to live solely on real food. Real , live food has beCome expensive. The more processed the food, the less actual food they have to use, making profit higher. The industry makes no money on spinach and apples. The food industry doesn’t like it when famous people make claims against their products. In fact, most of the time the offer a deal so said person will either do a commercial or ad with their product. Do yoU really think Olympic athletes eats Wheaties? Probabaly not seeing as it is a box of sugar, That doesn’t make for great training fuel! 

Next time you buy food, think about how much food you are really buying. Is your cart mostly Whole Foods or food like items that are half chemical additives? Are you feeding disease or curing it? 

Our food can be our best form of medicine but like all cures, it must be used correctly. Processed items feed disease. Real, live, Whole Foods cure. 

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful. 


Anne Nicole 


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  1. jlstanding says:

    Hmmm, you just made me think… I don’t see any commercials for carrots out there!


  2. 100% AGREE! It infuriates me how deceptive and messed up the food industry has become. And the worst of it all, so many people are completely ignorant to it, and therefore their health and bodies suffer.


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