‘Fit’ is not just Physical

It is important to do the thing that makes you uneasy. The thing that gives you little rush, a little adrenaline. Doing things that are outside of your comfort zone allows you to grow as a person. It allows you to become stronger physically and more importantly, mentally.

As a Fitness trainer, most people think I have the best, easiest, most rewarding job on the planet (and I do). However, there is a lot that goes along with it that no one sees. I can workout with a client till we are both blue in the face but if their mind is not in the right place, we are wasting our time. Being physically strong is great, but you won’t get there until you are mentally stronger. True health is a balance of mental health, physical health, and inner health. 

Each day I train ladies who are bound and determined to be ‘fit’ and Let’s be honest, I love that determination. I love the drive to better themselves and become all that they can be. But, these ladies are the same ladies struggling with family issues, past depressions, present depression, self confidence, abuse, self neglect, eating disorders, weight disorders and the the list goes on!

The most common one is see is ladies who have a set number they want to see on the scale and they will do anything to get it. They are do blinded by the ‘perfect look’ that they can not see their own beauty. They can’t find a shimmer in their soul unless it is skinnier. I try to re-direct that focus to a healthy body and mind instead. Teaching that health looks different on each body and health is greater than any number. But, as a woman, that is hard to see.

At some point, these ladies break. One of my goals as a trainer is to get them to break. Get them to release the negative energy, release their limiting factors, release whatever is holding them back from making progress. I will sit in the middle of the gym with a lady sobbing and that is when I know we are making progress.

You mind has to be right to make any progress in your health. You have to let go of whatever is holding you back. We carry a lot of built up emotion in our muscles and when we work said muscles, emotions come out. You have to let it come out! Even if it is scary, even if it is a past demon you don’t want to face. Those demons will guard you from your goals until you face each and everyone of them.

Sometimes righting a wrong, or facing a demon is as good as a workout. Get the world off your shoulders!

To wrap this up, health and well-being, again, is a balance of mind, body, and soul. You have to train your mind like you are going to train your muscles. Do what your soul needs, do what makes you shine, do what makes you truly healthy in each area.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. Loved this raw post and agree with it completely!


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