On staying fit and being pregnant

As soon as people realize you are pregnant, the questions begin to fly. There is no way around the oncoming inquires from family, friends, and strangers! “What is the gender?”, ‘Due Date?’, ‘are you working out?’, ‘are you sick?’, and on and on and on! So here is the low down on my pregnancy so far and also how I am staying fit!

  1. Gender: We do not know and will not find out until the little peanut makes its arrival.
  2. Due date: Nov. 17th
  3. Sick: Yes! I have had a lot of food aversions and smells are killing me!
  4. Weight gain: 3 pounds in 14 weeks
  5. Working out: Of course! I do believe that pregnancy and fitness are a match made in heaven. As long as you have clearance from you doc, it is a go! (more on this below)
  6. Can I touch your belly: NO! not now, not ever. Unless you are my husband or my mother please keep your hands to yourself.
  7. Don’t you just love being pregnant? No. In fact I would rather do a lot of things than be pregnant. Yes, I want another child and I am over joyed that we are blessed enough to have one. However, getting big, puking, bloating, having acne, gas, exhaustion, and hair growth are not things that I find fun. I am not good at sitting out.

Anyway, more on being fit and being pregnant. With my first pregnancy I continued to lift light weights and run (a lot). I was still fit but this is not my plan for #2. During the first pregnancy I lost most all of my muscle tone and after having baby I was a skinny little stick. My glutes were gone, my biceps were bitty, and my entire core was limp like a wet noodle. But,  I could run for miles! For this one, I am focusing more on weight lifting (as I have been for the past 2 years) and less on cardio. I am continuing to lift heavy and keep (or maybe gain) some muscle tone. So far, this has been working great! My body has  hardly changed in 14 weeks, just a little more expanded middle section.

Todays early morning session was a quick tread workout (8 mins walk one run one) followed by 8 tabata sets! We did burpees, lunges, squat jumps, planks, pushups, glute bridges, and bowlers. Thursdays are always a whole body workout day for me since I train specific areas there rest  of the week with clients.

As for nutrition, I am keeping it whole, real, and delicious. This baby needs good food and so does this mommy. With my first I ate healthy but not like I do now. I am in a much better place with food than I was 3 years ago and am much more knowledgable. My diet, for the most part, will stay that same. Prenatals (I use rainbow light) are a given and lots of water! REAL food, REAL nutrients, REAL good.


I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



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  1. Great right up. Loved it. Stay beautiful and enjoy your pregnancy. One love.

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