Let Me Intimidate You

I take a lot of crap over feeding my child good food. I get laughed at, questioned (constantly), and always told I am depriving my child. Depriving her of treats, sweets, cereals, etc. I mean come one, she is just a kid, let her have some fun! Right?

Can we please just stop this already! If you only knew the actual effects all that crappy food had on your kids, you wouldn’t feed it either.

To really know the true consequence of ‘food like items’ on our bodies is scary. I am too smart for my own good when it comes to food (or so I am told on a daily basis). Or am I too smart for your own good? Do I make you feel bad because it is easy for me to feed my kid good food and it seems so hard for you to even feed yourself good food? Do I intimidate you because I refuse to to feed my child lucky charms for breakfast and instead opt for real food?

If you would take a step back and just take the time to really learn, you would be in my shoes. You would realize your kids tantrums are not because he didn’t get the toy, they are because he is constantly in a state of mood swings from food. Your babies teeth are not crooked because of genetics, they are crooked because of a long line of poor nutrition in your family. Processed foods give us processed mouths, small, too small in fact to fit those teeth. Whole foods give us a nice wide jaw with plenty of room for healthy teeth. And tell me this, How can you expect your child or yourself to stay healthy when you are fueling your body with copious amounts of sugar, food dyes, preservatives, and multiple items made in labs that even flys won’t touch? Trust me when I say, steroids and prescriptions from the doc are not going to cover up your bad diet, they will only make the struggle worse.

Why is it so hard to just eat real food? Whole food. Food that is actually food.

Do yourself, your health, your children, and your bank account a favor and take some time to research food. Know what you are putting into your body. Know what effects the food you eat has on you. Learn to distinguish between what the grocery store tells you is healthy and what actually is.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. Absolutely agreed with you! Healthy food is the best food, and you can make it taste even more delicious than unhealthy food!

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