My Dirty Laundry

I am really good at talking about what I am good at. My last post, Let Me Intimidate You, focused on child nutrition. Something I am very passionate about. I can go on for hours talking about kids’ nutrition. It is easy for me. I am good at nutrition and it is a good habit.  However, I am not so good at mentioning all those pesky little bad habits. We all have them hidden like skeletons in our closest. I know I am not boasting them up on instagram. Social media makes it look easy to have a perfect life.

I am here to tell you, mine is not. I have bad habits (more than I even think about probably). And here they are, in all their glory, in all their silliness, and in all their bad-habit don’t do it jeesh you did it again ways.

  1. Checking the inmate list. My home town posts the inmate list of the local jail each morning with mug shots and the whole shebang. I know its terrible (I don’t even live there anymore) but I always check it to see if anyone I know is in there. It is gossipy and silly but I do it.
  2. Losing my patience over tiny things. There are days when the littlest things will completely set me off. My daughter will make a mess and I go crazy. Yes, I need to work on this. Patience are something that come and go for me. With some things (my horses, school) I have a lot of patience. With others (my husband, the dogs, myself) I have very little.
  3. Being too hard on myself. I am very critical of my body, my abs, my fitness level, the way my jeans fit, how much I am accomplishing each day, wether I am reaching goals, making people around me happy, and it goes on and on. In my eyes, I have to be perfect or all is lost. My husband is constantly telling me to relax, just enjoy the moment, and have fun. It is very hard for me to not feel like I am on top and the past two years I have had to face that reality again and again.
  4. Smacking my gum. This is my biggest pet peeve in others and sometimes my husband catches me doing it. If I am ever by you and you can hear me chewing, please just slap me.
  5. Ice Cream. I eat perfect all day and at night the ice cream calls my name. Not so much on a regular basis but now that I am pregnant it is bad (I know i just boasted about being good at nutrition, but this is my weakness right here). My grandmother had a thing for ice cream, my mom loves ice cream, and here I am drooling over it too. I sometimes make it out of coconut milk or a healthier alternative and sometimes I eat it right out of the carton from the store. A girl has to have one big weakness, right?

So there you have it, (some of) my bad habits. This list could go on for many more pages but I wont bore you with my dirty laundry. Sometimes I think in order to make a bad habit better we have to talk about it and realize we are doing it.  A good place to begin is by asking your significant other what your bad habits are (but be prepared for the response and you can’t get all butt hurt when they are honest).

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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