Wanderluster: Collector of experiences, not things.

As May begins to wind down and June is upon us in a just a few short sleeps, I have been thinking about he things I want to do with this next month. It is going to be a little bit of a crazy one since baby and I are headed to the mountains for two weeks on Friday! I am anxious to get up the my mountain home and see family, hike, explore, and spend some time in a different environment for a bit. I tend to get in a routine at home and it is good for me to break it! The only down side of our trip is that my husband has to stay home and farm but July he will be coming with us!

Anyway, for June I am setting up my goals a bit different. Since I won’t be in the actually gym, i’ll be in natures gym for the first two weeks, I am putting aside any ‘gym’ related goals. I am wanting to focus more on collecting experiences for my daughter and myself. I am guessing driving 900 miles (twice, there and back) alone with a  toddler is going to be quite a bit of experience to begin with! So here are my June goals:

  1. Focus on Collecting memories and not things. At the end of the day, stuff is just stuff that will come and go with little meaning but memories will last a lifetime.
  2. Explore one new place in the mountains. I often go back to the same hiking places again and again while I am home. There is endless country there and I want to see at least one new place.
  3. Finish reading my next school book. A book by Weston Price, focusing on nutrition and degeneration. It is very interesting but finding the time to sit down and read has been a challenge for me.
  4. Let go of some stuff. Yard sale clothes or donate them, declutter our house a bit, let go of things we are holding onto that we no longer need.

So there you have it. My June plans. ‘The best laid plans often go awry’ but I am hoping to stick to this list and put my focus where it needs to be!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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