Oh, what an adventurous two weeks it has been! Two weeks full of hiking, family, nature, and thinking time. Time to reset and refresh. Time to set some goals and reflect on life. 

My daughter (who is 2) and I have been doing a lot of hiking these past two weeks and it has given us a lot of time to learn about each other. It has also brought about some different thoughts for me. While passing other hikers i often get called adventurous, brave, or crazy. I get some, ‘you go girls’ and a few, ‘what are you thinking you crazy lady’ comments. Taking a toddler alone into the back country not something everyone approves of but that’s ok because no one needs to. I approve of my life and that is enough. 

My daughter loves our hikes. She even hiked 2.5 miles and was bummed when the hike was over. Her passion for adventure is as great as mine. It is hard to get her to quit when we are out exploring. She is fearless. 


A word that has come about so many times to me this week. I often describe my daughter and husband as fearless. I am whole heartedly trying to embrace my own fearlessness. A lesson I can take from my daughter. I see her trying everything, in her mind she is limitless. I desire the same limitlessness that she has. And to be honest, I have come along way. I am much more fearless now. I want my daughter to see me In That light. I want her to never lose her sense of adventure, her fearlessness. If I can take anything away from These two weeks, it is that I need to embrace my instincts. Embrace my fearlessness. Go for it. Try the thing that scares me. Let go and set free. Let my carefree spirit be my guide and truly live each day with passion. 

We are wanderlust and sunkissed. Motivated and mountain tamed. Full of adventure and gratitude. Grazed by the breeze and refreshed by the mountain air. Ready for our next exploration. 

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful. 


Anne Nicole 


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  1. Lovely photos the view look so pretty!x

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