Having a Healthy & Motivational Home

I wrote this post awhile back but it is a good refresher! Having a motivational living space can be key to having a motivational life.

Nutrient Dense Cowgirl

Rise & Grind: 10 KB rows/side, 15/side side plank crunches, 10 KB tricep extensions, 10 Burpees (x4) Follow with this: 15/side russian twist, 10 Laying leg lifts, 20/side plank dips,  15 reverse crunches, 35 Jumping jacks (x3).

Have you ever came home and just instantly wanted to sit down and do nothing? I used to look around the house and see laundry, dishes, and full trash and be completely overwhelmed! At the end of the day the last thing most people want to do is clean house or workout but we all know it is necessary (yes, working out is necessary). Most of us know that laundry, dishes, trash, and a workout are not all going to happen so we end up picking one or two tasks out of the list.

I have made a few tiny changes around our home to make it a more motivational space. I want…

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