Not So Glowing Pregnancy

Alright Y’all, pregnancy cravings are a real bitch.

My first pregnancy was a walk in the park. I hardly ever craved anything. I never got sick. I had lots of energy. I was all a go, all 9 months.

This one is like growing a t-rex. I am still getting sick (but only when I eat something good like salad). I am craving foods I never eat. Processed foods and crap food. My energy levels are half of what they used to be. I am still getting everything I need to done but jeesh, I am over it. And I am only 5 months in.

I really feel like I was/am healthier going into this pregnancy. My nutrition was great before I got pregnant, (whole, real foods) and is great now (ok, maybe it has slipped a little. Dang ice cream). I am still lifting in the gym and training even more clients. My physical shape is way better than with my first for sure. I am keeping my muscle tone and my endurance levels. I just feel beat all the time! No matter how healthy I try to be, I am still exhausted!

Maybe I just don’t like being pregnant. Ok, I know that’s a fact. Or maybe with is payback for all the times I told others they need to be/eat healthier.

I keep telling my husband that this must be a boy just like him because it wants all the same things he does!

On the bright side, I was feeling pretty good about how I looked. I was barely showing at all until last week when I went from looking not pregnant at all to, ‘wow, and how far along are you’? At least I am over the, ‘is she just getting a little chubby or is she pregnant’ stage.

I certainly don’t want to wish time away and I am enjoying my summer days with my daughter since it is our last time just us two, but seriously can it be Fall yet? I heard someone say pumpkin spice (another great craving)…..

Too soon? Sorry, but now I got you thinking.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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