Can I feed my 2 month old Ice Cream?!

I recently joined a ‘stay at home mom’ group on Facebook and wow have my eyes been opened! I guess I thought the rest of the world of moms had the same schedule, opinions, and household set up as me. I also like to believe that children are all playing outside, growing gardens, eating dirt, and being fed nutritious food. Now, I am not bashing any mom, so don’t think that! I am literally opening my eyes to things that I do not see!

Some examples of posts that surprised me the most are below!

  1. Can I feed my 2 month old just a little ice cream to give her her sugar fix? Um… And why does a baby need a sugar fix? Did I miss something?
  2. What do all you SAHM’s do during nap time? Literally 85% of the response was, watch TV, nap, or be lazy. Moms! Get up and use this time, be it 30 minutes or 2 hours, for yourself! Workout, read a book, advance in your career, find a way to make money at home, do a craft, whatever makes you feel more alive! As moms, it is so hard to find ‘me time’. For me, this is the perfect time! I get so much done during nap time and having a motivating 2 hours give me energy to tackle the rest of the day.
  3. Is it bad to let the kids just watch TV all day long because I don’t have the energy to engage with them? A few things here: 1. yes, that much TV (in my opinion) is bad. 2. if you are unhappy in your position, change it! Being a SAHM is not for everyone! It is literally the hardest thing I have ever done and sometimes I still wish that I worked outside the home. If you feel like you can be a better mom to your kids by having a career for yourself, do it! Your kids will be much happier and healthier if you are happier and healthier!
  4. Here is a pic of my 20 week pregnancy belly, lets see yours so we can compare, I feel like mine is huge! While it is fun to see other women who are in the same boat as you, this can lead to some pretty big self esteem issues. Each pregnancy is different. Never compare your belly to another ladies hoping to see the same results. Pregnancy is hard enough without having to feel like you are growing too fast or not fast enough. Here is me at 17 weeks and 20 weeks. 3 weeks different and literally a huge change! This is pregnancy ladies! This is how our bodies handle growing an entire human being. I am already as big at almost 6 months now as I was at 8 or 9 with my first pregnancy. Let your body do its thing and be proud of it!
  5. My bff, mother-in-law, mom, dad, neighbor, dry cleaner, mail man, sister-in-law, etc., doesn’t like the way I am raising my kid. Great, they don’t have to! after all it is your kid(s) and you can raise them however you feel fit. While it may cause a little family drama, it will blow over. I was once told this great thing about life, ‘it goes on’!
  6. Here is whats for dinner at our place, what are you all having. Ok, I do like to see this post because I am nosey and I like to see what others moms feed their kids. And while I am a little taken aback by the amount to crap that is fed to kids, I do feel better about what we are eating. I know, that’s rude, but still! However, I wish I could go into each of these homes and show the importance of solid nutrition. I wish I could grow every kid a garden and teach them to cook using real food. I wish every kid had the opportunity to see how their body would feel on whole, real foods.

To each their own. I know each mom is different and that is ok! Of course, I will always think I know best when it comes to my kids and I hope each mom feels the same way! While we are all raising our tribe a little different, as long as they are a happy, healthy tribe we are doing good!

Here is to you moms! May you have a great day doing whatever it is that you chose to do with our minions today!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



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