Road Tripping With a Toddler

And we are off again…..

Headed back up to the Mountains for one last summer trip before the farm gets too crazy again. This time my husband gets to come! I can’t wait to get my feet on the mountains and breath in the fresh air.

I am now 6 months pregnant but I am still hoping to get in a few good hikes. I have one in mind that is going to push the limits just a bit but slow and steady is going to win the race! I did it last year packing my daughter on my back so I am hoping that packing a baby in my belly won’t be much harder. And, this year my husband will be there to help pack our daughter.

Today I am packing, cleaning, laundry, eating everything out of the fridge (want food? make leftovers! Your not getting anything else today), and making road trip snacks. I always try to be as prepared as I can for traveling with a 2 year old. It makes the drive much easier if she is content along the way. Here are some of my best toddler road trip tips!

  1. Always have food. Wether it is just something to nibble on or more of a meal, I pack it all. This keeps her satisfied, mom & dad satisfied, and is way healthier than the gas station! For this trip  we have apples (it takes a toddler forever to eat an apple whole. This will entertain her for a good 30 minutes, and its healthy), trail mix, cheese sticks, homemade zucchini bread, popcorn, jerky, peaches, garden veggies (cut and ready to eat) and lots of water. Healthy food will keep everyones mood more balance, make your feel better, and keep you on track!
  2. Bring a book/toy bag. I like to pack one little bag with books and toys for her to play with. We have a few books that are collections (6 stories, 1 book) and I bring those to read to her along the way so we are not reading the same story over and over. We bring her baby doll (if I had a choice, it would go out the window! But she loves that dang thing), play horses, and a etch-a-sketch type color pad for toys. Nothing noisy (that just makes everyones nerves edgy) and no coloring because dad would have a fit if one of those colors ended up on the truck seat!
  3. Comfy Attire. WE usually leave our house in the middle the night/morning to go to Wyo. since it is a 12-14 hour drive. So, we leave with our daughter in her jammies and she sleeps for a bit. Then when she wakes we change her into some comfy clothes, shorts and a tee. Depending on the weather, I always bring layers. Too hot or too cold toddlers are no fun! In the toy bag I also put extra panties, shorts, and shirts. Just in case! Our daughter is potty trained but 4 hours between stops is a long time for her to go without peeing. We keep TP in the truck and do roadside stops if necessary! No shame in peeing on the side of the road when you are 2 years old! She is much more content if her bladder is empty.
  4. Plan accordingly. Like I said above, we usually leave our house in the middle of the night. Reason being: its a long drive and then baby sleeps for the first 4 or so hours! That means 4-5 solid hours of making headway with no interruptions or stops!
  5. Always have paper towels, rags, wipes, etc. Trust me, you will need them. I pack a roll of paper towels, a pack of baby wipes, and a pack of kleenex.
  6. Have a trash. I usually have one bag for trash and we throw it out at every stop! This keeps the vehicle cleaner and mom & dad more content.
  7. Get in a workout at some point. Either before you go, once you get to your destination, or along the way! For me, it is the day before I go (always) and once I get there. By the time we ride together for 12 hours, we are all ready for a break. My husband usually unpacks and naps while I take Raelyn and go for a walk or run.  You an also stop at a local park along the way to let off some steam or look for trails to hike along the way!

And as always, enjoy the journey! Try to not let the little things get on your nerves. Don’t be so set on getting to your destination that you miss the pretty scenery along the way. Take time to enjoy the family time.

I will be off of here for most the week while we are exploring the mountains and adventuring! CAn’t wait to tell you all about it when we return!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole




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    Make the most of it! X


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