The Final Push

And, we are back!

We had an amazing 10 days in the mountains with family. We hiked (as much as I could get my husband to), ate a lot of good food, picked bunches of berries, and spent some time relaxing.

We came home a little sore, refreshed, and full of adventure.

One of my husbands favorite things about my home this time of year is the fresh berries. My uncle has a big raspberry patch that we raided a few times and we picked huckleberries up on the mountain. If you have never had huckleberries, your missing out! They are deep purple in color, a little smaller than a blueberry, and delicious in any form! We like to eat them straight off the bush, in pancakes, or in a bowl with some cream!

Coming home we were lucky to have jungle out in our garden! It had rained quite a bit while we were gone and the garden went wild. We had about 5 watermelons, 10 canteloupes, zucchini and squash, cucumbers, and more tomatoes than I can count all about ready for harvest!

I am working on preserving all our fresh foods for winter now. Harvesting a little each day and doing what I can with it. Having a big garden means for a huge drop in our grocery bill and a huge increase in the nutrient density of our meals.

I feel like we are in the final push of the year now. Gearing up for our last harvest of the year on the farm (corn and milo), trying to squeeze each last day of summer to the fullest, and preparing for baby #2’s arrival.

I am still training clients at the gym in the mornings and evenings and working around my husbands busy farm schedule! I keep thinking I just have to keep on keeping on till November and then we will have a few quiet months with our new little one.

The final push is on!

I am strong. I am capable. I am beautiful. I am powerful.


Anne Nicole


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful pictures! Send some pictures of “harvest time ” please:)


  2. Send some pictures of “harvest time ” please:)


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