Start Now

As summer begins to wind down, it is easy to slip into a lazier routine for a lot of people. Fall is in the air, baking is a go to activity, the gym is almost empty this time of year, and the ‘Jan. 1st I will begin again’ is too close for comfort.

Keep going.

As a trainer, I love this time of year in the gym because it is almost empty. I can use the entire space to my liking, train clients better, and reap the full benefits of the gym without waiting for space or weights. I always think that now is a great time to begin a gym routine if you don’t have one yet and here is why!

  1. It is a much less ‘judgy’ place this time of year. You can go and relax with only a few other people sharing the space. There is no feeling of out doing the next guy/girl. Jan. 1 in the gym is a mad house and there are a lot of folks in there who do not have good gym etiquette. Trust me when I say, the people who are regulars at the gym, the people who are still there this time of year, are not judging you! They are glad to see you there and happy to help you!
  2. Easier to learn more. This time of year a trainers schedule is easier to get onto to and they may even be running end of the year specials! Learn quicker and get better results by having a trainer help you through the first few months of the gym. Then, by Jan. 1 you will be ready to go it alone.
  3. You will feel better throughout the season. We all know that winter can bring about the blues. It is a more emotional time. There are a lot more treats, sweets, and trips to friends/families for dinners. Feel your absolute best and learn how to make smart choices by starting your ‘healthier you’ now! You can be the motivation that others are looking for all season long.

For myself, this time of year is my favorite time to be in gym alone or with clients. But, if you are still a little anxious about the gym or you don’t have it budgeted till next year, this is also the perfect time of year to get outside and get moving! The cooler mornings and evenings make for perfect workout weather. Here are some of my favorite ‘healthy me’ options for this time of year.

  1. Morning/evening jogs or walks
  2. Gardening (or cleaning up this years garden so the space is ready for next year)
  3. Cleaning up the yard
  4. Starting my day outside on the porch drinking my coffee, blogging, etc.
  5. Ending my day outside grilling or eating on the porch. Reaping the benefits of all the great fall fruit and veggies options!
  6. Hiking
  7. Doing my at home workouts on the lawn in the mornings or evenings.
  8. Reading a book outside (Your mind needs just as much attention as those pesky last ten pounds do. Stay healthy body and mind)
  9. Studying outside
  10. Trail riding. When I lived in Wyoming I loved getting out this time of year and riding through all the fall colored trees.

And the list can go on forever. The fresh fall air is perfect for getting you motivated and getting you going.

So why not start now? Or at least keep going if you already are!

I am strong. I am capable. I am beautiful. I am powerful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. Fresh air helps me clear my mind for sure! The gym has an outdoor workout space on a rooftop its literally so chill. I just got outside to do abs(the ab raises using monkey bars) and cool off so gooood:)


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