Success is Consistent

‘Success comes from what you do consistently’

Overnight is not where most find success. They find it after years of long, hard work. They find it after a passion has been ignited inside of them and go chase it. They find success after many bumps, bruises, and blisters. However, sometimes I think working towards the success is the easy part.

Finding the passion (and keeping it) is the hard part.

Knowing what you want to spend your life doing. Where you want your energy to go. Finding something that really drives you and brings out your soul can be a lifelong struggle.

Once you have the passion inside you, it should be hard to let it rest. It should be nagging at you to do something about it.

Somedays I feel like I have 10 different passions nagging at me to work on them. Somedays I am so set on one that my mind doesn’t even veer off its path. But everyday, I try to do something that is working towards a dream. Baby steps. Consistent baby steps.

Whether it is in the gym, in my home, or in my own dreams. I am learning that it takes time. It takes consistency. It takes more than a week. It takes patience (which I am rather low on). But, I am also learning to hang in there. Don’t give in. Don’t ever go back to where you began. You have already got this far, so keep pushing. Square one should only be a place that you are at once.

So  you tell me, which is harder? Finding your passion or putting in the work once you have it?




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  1. T. A. Fuller says:

    I think what may be the hardest is making a living while putting the work into your passion. Passions too seldom pay the bills…


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