30 weeks

These days are flying by. I have my 30 week check up this morning. 30 weeks!

That makes it sound like I am having a baby very soon! Although I still have 10 weeks to go, I am anxiously awaiting the day. I am ready to meet the new little Mr. or Ms.

In the mean time, we are staying busy to say the least! Corn harvest, harvesting the garden, canning, a little weekend get a away, finishing the nursery, Training clients at the gym, and so on. Really it is all small tasks (Well maybe corn harvest (which will begin in about 10 days)). Once that is going, It is going to seem like 2 seconds before baby is here.

This past week I have been in awe of my body and the way it is changing. My belly is getting bigger by the day, or so it seems, and my muscles are quick to wear out. My posture is changing and my workouts have become less intense. Keeping good form is a bit of a challenge in some areas. My energy levels are quickly draining and by night time I am beat! Welcome to 30 weeks of pregnancy. It’s lovely.

The best thing I am doing now is eating healthy and making myself slow down (a little). I could use some work in the slowing down department but eating is on point! I feel so much better when I know I am feeding the baby well and giving my body what it needs to keep growing said baby. Nutrition really is key to a healthy life. A few of my favorites this week have been veggies, cottage cheese, Raw protein, all kinds of nuts, red meat, cantaloupe, peaches, and chia pudding.

In other news, Our anniversary was last week and my husband got me a camera. Something I have wanted for a long time! So I have been playing around with it at our house. Taking pictures of our harvests and such.

Here is to a great week. Make it one worth writing about!

I a strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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