Fitness Update at 37 Weeks Pregnant!

So here it is!

I will be 37 weeks pregnant on Friday! I am so ready to meet our little one I can hardly stand it. The nursery is ready, the hospital bag is packed, and the baby clothes are all cleaned. My husband is ready and so is our toddler (or at least she thinks she is).

However, there is one issue I am having: I can’t possibly spend enough time with our toddler. I feel like I am cheating on her by having another baby! Silly, right?! She is very excited for baby but I am certainly cherishing our last few weeks together as just mom and daughter. Doing some fun things just Raelyn and I before baby.

As far as the rest of my mindset, it has been so focused! I had a little low motivation for a bit but the last 5 weeks I have been all go! I feel like I have accomplished more in the last 5 weeks than I have in awhile.

Instead of rambling on forever, here is all the details!

  1. Still training clients at the gym 2 days a week and plan to keep going through this next week and maybe the week after!
  2. A Huge goal accomplished for myself: I have done consistent workouts for 5 weeks in a row! Mon-Fri for 5 weeks I have not missed a single workout! 2 days a week at the gym and 3 days a week at home. I am enjoying this extra weight gain in my legs and have loved sculpting my body throughout with pregnancy (doctor approved of course. Just yesterday I did get told to slow my roll just a bit.)!
  3. For my at home workouts I use kettle bells, bands, an Piyo methods. For me, this has really worked! Light enough for a pregnant gal but still gaining muscle and staying in shape.
  4. I have still been walking 2.5-3 miles about 4 days a week too! Our toddler loves these walks and I love spending the time with her.
  5. I have gained 19 pounds so far.
  6. I crave cinnamon rolls, fruit, and salad! I could eat a huge salad everyday!

So that’s my update! I am so happy that I was able to workout and stay in shape throughout this entire pregnancy. It has really made the process much easier! Same goes for eating healthy! I get a lot of flack for being the ‘fit mom’ and being uptight about nutrition but I would take the flack any day over being unhealthy or feeling icky all the time.

Hopefully my next post will be about a new little boy or girl!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



2 Comments Add yours

  1. So happy for you and your expanding family! every blessing to you!


  2. trippingthroughtreacle says:

    Good luck! I exercised all throughout my pregnancies and think it really helped me to stay in shape 🙂


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