Are Good Vitamins Worth the Price?

I wrote this up this morning for my Winter Workout and nutrition Group. All about vitamins and how to chose a good one!

Happy Friday, Ladies! I hope you are all gaining from this group! If there is anything that you are wanting to know that I have not address, just let me know!
Today I am going to post a little about Vitamins.
For starters, You all need them!
A good quality, multi-vitamin is essential to anyones life (Even if you are eating gobs of fruits and veggies)! The sad truth is, our fruits and veggies are not quite are nutrient packed as they once were. Our soil is getting depleted which means less nutrients in our food as well our land.
However, when choosing vitamins that are right for you, keep a few things in mind:
1. ALWAYS choose a whole food vitamin. This is one made of actual food and not synthetically processed in a lab.
2. Do not buy your vitamins at walmart, or kmart, or another junky store. Here is why: “If you or your patients were to ingest a product like the majority of those available on the market today, you would still have a vitamin deficiency, simply because the vitamins in these supplements are only fractions of the complete key. Thus, they are not usable on the cellular level. In actuality, these synthetic or crystalline “vitamins” are not really vitamins at all. They are only fragments of a complete vitamin. Synthetic vitamins, as their name implies, are produced artificially by chemical means. They are synthesized primarily from corn sugar or corn syrup and non-food compounds such as coal tar.” Coal tar, by the way, is a bi product of petroleum refining and is linked to eye damage and cancer.’
3. Along the same lines, Don’t trust your labels. 90% of vitamins labeled ‘natural’ and ‘food based’ are just synthetic vitamins. In fact, to be labeled as such, a vitamin only has to contain 10% ‘natural’ ingredients.
So, When choosing a vitamin chose wisely!!
My favorite brands are: Standard Process (you need to buy it through a practitioner. Dr. West in Pocatello carries it and also dr. Dan in Turpin at the
Natures NX is another great brand
Nordic Naturals as well.

A proper vitamin balance can help to cure issues such as:
chronic fatigue
constant headaches
Hormone imbalance
eye troubles and the list goes on forever!

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend going to a Doctor such as Dr. West or Dr. Dan to see exactly what your body is lacking and what is right for you! Each body is different and each body needs different vitamins. I can’t tell you what exactly will work for you, but they can!

For a more in depth look, here is a great article from Daily Dose of Vitamin H…/

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