Do all these ‘Fit Moms’ have fit kids too?

I see an awful lot of ‘fit moms’ in my line of work. Myself being one of them.  I follow quite a few ‘fit moms’ on Instagram and here on WordPress. I see lots of pictures of moms working out, eating right, and doing their best to stay healthy.

I am just curious, does this apply to their kids also?

As moms we deserve to spend some time on ourselves! Each workout and healthy meal is a nice little reward for surviving another day of motherhood. I know that for me, my workouts are my me time. Sometime I am at the gym and sometimes I am at home. When I am at home, my kids are right there with me. Generally my daughter, who is almost 3, will imitate my moves or try them with me. That makes me smile! She is learning that taking care of her body is important and she is learning how.

To get to the point, I think it is just as important to have time for movement for our kids are well as ourselves. I think a lot of time kids get lost in the shuffle when it comes to daily movement. We find time to workout our own bodies and our kids are either at daycare or napping or watching a movie. Why not make fitness a family affair? Kids need to grow up with healthy habits! Daily movement is essential in keeping children healthy in the mind as well as the body.

Here are a few tips to get the kids involved in some daily fitness and nutrition.

  1. Make time in the day dedicated to getting the kids moving. I love to take my daughter swimming. She kicks around in the pool and splashes a lot. This is great movement for her. She also just began gymnastics! The possibilities are endless these days for kiddie fitness. There are so many great classes and sports teams even for the littles! Some other great options would be Doing yard work, swimming, playing backyard sports, bike riding, hiking, making an at home obstacle course, etc.
  2. Involve your kids in cooking. This is SO important! I can not believe how many kids do no know how to cook basic meals. Teach your kids the importance of nutrition and teach them to prepare food. I know this can get super messy but it is worth it! Kids are also more apt to try new foods if they had a hand in making them! My daughter loves to help out in the kitchen and the garden alike!
  3. Let kids explore new forms of movement. Summer offers a lot of opportunity for kids. Camps, classes, sports, the list goes on. Let your kids try new classes and sports till they find something that suits them! As moms we have to let them make their own choices about what types of fitness they enjoy. Trust me, if they like it, they will be more apt to keep at it.
  4. Make family time active. Make an obstacle course in your yard and see who can do it the fastest. Have a dance off at home after dinner. Get the entire family out for a hike. Do a treasure hunt. Anything that make your family interested! Spending time together being active creates healthy habits for everyone!
  5. Let the babies explore too. This one is for those of us with little ones still. I have a son, just three months old, and when I take my daughter out to play he goes too! While he can’t really do much playing yet, the fresh air and sunshine are great for him! For the little older ones, Hold babies hand and let them walk across the yard with you. Encourage them to move around and see the world around them. Babies need movement too! I like to get my kids out on our walks and let them walk for a bit then put them back in the stroller. Yes, it slows my pace but it is so worth it!

“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole

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  1. We’ve been incorporating hiking into our family time and I love it! I feel like it’s so good physically and mentally.

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  2. 365daysofnew says:

    All great tips! My two little girls were right along side me—and on my back—as I worked out tonight. My husband asked why I didn’t just leave the tv on, and my response was that they’ve had enough and this is important. Reading this tonight validated my choice even though it didn’t make my workout any easier!

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